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"I just sent out my first Good News newsletter and the reaction has been fabulous. People tell me that my newsletter is so uplifting. It gives them fuel for thought. Not the same old negativity. I put my photo in the newsletter and also added a Q&A section about my business. I spent 6 months researching newsletters and this has been a great solution."

Attarah Guitierrez, Santa Fe, NM





Sell yourself — and your services —
with the Good News Newsletter.

The upbeat, finished marketing and client
newsletter from

(And you can change anything you want.)

Choose articles/art from Pages Customize the finished newsletter

• Build lasting customer relationships.

• Grow your customer base.

• Introduce yourself, your staff.

• Promote your company values.

• Set yourself apart from the competition.

• Publicize your latest offers.

Guaranteed Best Price

Why Good News will work for YOU

This is the soft-sell, relationship-building newsletter that you've been looking for. Geared toward adults, this finished newsletter is packed with materials designed to catch the eye -- and stick to the kitchen table or the office desk.

Every month, you get finished newsletter layouts done in Microsoft Publisher (2010 to Publisher 365). You download the complete 4-page newsletter layout from then open it on your computer and change anything you want. If you don't like an article we put in, you have full access to eight years of materials on the content site.

SEVEN market-targeted print and email layouts
with one subscription:

* Good News Home (layouts for print and email)

Home/money/lifestyle content. Saving money. Insurance. Home repair and ownership issues. Investment and savings. Seasonal and special day articles.

* Good News Business (print and email)

Business-to-business content. Business book review. Success and motivation articles. Professional development. Business development.

* Good News Seniors (print)

Caregiving, retirement living, historical items, nostalgia, health, medicare, social security, relationships, wellness, happiness, optimism.

* Good News Safety & Health (print and email)

Home and business safety, wellness, safe practices, health in the news, safety in the news, weather tips.

Use any or all of the layouts to send to your customers.

Change anything in any layout .

Even the name.

Even the colors.

Even the words.

Yes, even the pictures. ANYTHING.

Good News is a newsletter that will associate you and your company with success.


Here is how it works:

Every month you can download a new, complete 4-page newsletter layout from our Website and then personalize it (or not) in Microsoft Publisher 2003-2010.

You can change anything in the newsletter, including the title or a whole article.

Or you can just put your name on it.

Then you print it out on a regular printer or copier or take it to a commercial printer.

Use any article from
the Website.

Don't like an article we put in? As a subscriber, you have complete access to the subscriber's site. Search by keyword or browse by month to select a new article from our 10,000 searchable pages of articles, art, cartoons, puzzles, and photographs.

You'll never have to write anything -- unless you want to!

If you want another piece of art for an article, download it from the Website and put it in the newsletter.

We include a crossword puzzle in every issue. But maybe you prefer a sudoku puzzle? Simply go to the Website and copy one.

The Website has thousands of articles and pieces of art online now, with new articles and art added every month. As a subscriber, you will have password access to all our materials online now, plus all the materials added each month during your subscription period.

"Do you have a unique vision
for your newsletter marketing strategy?"

Good News is completely customizable. Use anything you want from our huge database of articles and art or add your own articles and photographs.

With an annual subscription to Good News, you get 12 fully-customizable newsletters for print and email (a new newsletter each month), plus 366-day online access to' incredible online article and art Website (

On the Website you'll be able to download any of the thousands of articles with matching art and use any in your newsletter, your Website, or in email. ( has been providing articles and art to newsletter editors for 36 years. Six years of materials are online now.)

Our online subscriber's site features all the articles and art in each monthly issue of for the last eight years. All the articles and art, puzzles and cartoons are copyright-free when you subscribe to As a paid subscriber, you can use any for free.

You don't have to write anything — unless you want to.

Quality Newsletter Materials

All the articles in your pre-formatted Good News newsletter are completely researched and written in-house at Along with articles, we feature a large variety of newsletter graphics: Month headers, holiday headers, borders, announcers, and clip art. You may choose any of these for your newsletter (if you don't like the ones we chose.)

Jokes, Quotes, Puzzles, and Trivia

With your annual subscription to Good News by, you can add a cartoon or trivia game to your pre-formatted Good News newsletter.

Affordable, Yet Sophisticated

The sales newsletter Good News was designed especially for by Graphic Artist Ron Riggan. It's sophisticated use of graphics and color are sure to attract the most discerning eye.

Plus the newsletter is packed with great information. As always, if you don't like any or all of the content, you can replace anything... or everything!

Best yet, each month you can download an all-new newsletter, ready to customize and copy. The subscription for the entire year costs only $295.

*Expect a delay on weekends and holidays


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