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"When I discovered, I knew I
had finally found the perfect marketing partner."
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* HOUSECALLS requires Microsoft Publisher 2003-2013 or Office 365 Publisher.
We have linked samples of Housecalls as a pdf, which you can open without Publisher.
We have also linked Publisher layouts: See the blue arrow below.


Housecalls is copyright 2013 PAGES Editorial Service.


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Using Publisher you can open and make changes
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"The perfect marketing partner"

As a Realtor I have lots of vendors vying for my business. So I did my research to find out which was the best company to help me create my newsletters. When I discovered, I knew  I had finally found the perfect marketing partner. Not only do I get an easy to use MS Publisher-based print version every month but I get a version I can use online on my Website and one I can send via email to my sphere. I had never used Publisher before but in 30 minutes, maybe less, I had taken their template for February and customized it with my photo, my banner, my contact info, my graphics and even a couple of ads for special free services I offer.
It could not have been easier to use. And best of all I now have access to over 6,000 articles and all kinds of graphic elements, photos, puzzles, trivia contests, etc that will help to make my newsletters unique and interesting. And when I had a question their tech support was top notch. I was able to get through to someone quickly and she knew what she was talking about. Then there are their online tips for getting the most out of their products. Last but not least I have two different kinds of newsletters I could send – one more generic and one more real estate focused. So I will always have just about an unlimited choice of what will go into each newsletter. No other vendor offers so much for such a reasonable price. I’ve already recommended it to several Realtors that I work with. I don’t see how anyone could go wrong by choosing to use the products of

"Great reviews; 2 new listings"

"I send out 2,000 printed copies to my farm area and I'm getting great reviews. People are emailing me: What's the answer to the puzzle? Or they tell me they really like their subscription. I love the fact that I can customize the newsletter. In fact, for February heart month I am featuring the local cardiologist in my farm area. I put his picture in and contact information. I have two new listings coming up because of HOUSECALLS."

Claudia Furney, Coldwell Banker, Arizona

"Very Effective"

"The Pages HOUSECALLS newsletters are very effective in your farming area when used consistently as a marketing tool... The articles are interesting and well written.  Pages allows you the ability to customize your newsletter as little or as much as you want to.  Every month there is a vast pool of articles from which to choose to augment the standard newsletter. Pages emphasizes timely issues that interest homeowners.

"In the last four months I have received two listings that are directly attributable to the consistent use of this sales tool."

Mike O'Brien, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Diplomatic Realty, Inc.

"Non-Technical approach"

I looked around at several different options before I settled on Housecalls.

I like the lighthearted, not technical approach. I’m having fun with my newsletter. I am sending about 650 a month now.

Howard Gardner, Watson Realty

"Best year yet!"

"I am very pleased with Housecalls. It has worked well for us, so well that this will be our best year yet."

G.V., Bend, Oregon

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Do you print the newsletters?

No. You can print your newsletter from your printer or you can take it to a copy shop or commercial printer.

How do I print a four-page newsletter?

You can print your newsletter on separate 8 1/2 x 11 sheets or you can print your newsletter as a booklet (one sheet folded in the middle.) Either way, you make this choice in Publisher. To print as a booklet, you will need a large format printer.

Can I make a two-page newsletter?

Yes! Just delete two of the four pages in the layout and you have a one-sheet, two-page newsletter.

Can I add pages to my newsletter?

Sure! You can add pages in Publisher and fill them with your own materials. Or you could even add an entire page from one of our back issues of Housecalls.

Can I change the name Housecalls?

Yes. You can delete the name Housecalls and name the newsletter whatever you wish.

Can I change the colors?

Yes. You can change them in Publisher to whatever you wish.

Do my customers need Microsoft Publisher to open the email newsletter?

No. Our Housecalls email newsletter arrives as a regular email with text and graphics. You must to have Publisher to make changes to the newsletter and to send the newsletter. (You must have your Outlook or Outlook Express set up for email.)

Can I post the newsletter on my Web site?

Yes. Simply save the Publisher file as a pdf and link it on your Web site. (Publisher 2010 has a built-in 'save as pdf' feature. But other versions of Publisher require a free add-on offered by Microsoft.)

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