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"I've always been able to find an article I think people will like on the Pages Website. I have no trouble finding articles and placing them. It helps a lot since we publish every other week. They make people feel better, too. I think people subscribe and read something that really gives them inspiration. Also, I appreciate you talking to me on a Sunday when I was thinking of subscribing." Pam Wildman,

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"PAGES has shortened my work time on each project by at least 20%.
As a resource for art and articles they are unbeatable. If they don't have what I am looking for, the customer service representatives and designers are always willing to put together a custom piece for me. I can't say enough about their fast, reliable and courteous service."
Nancy Higdon, Owner, Higdon & Associates Marketing


"We've subscribed for 20 years. Other companies say we have the best in-house publication they've ever seen. We take a lot of bows on that, but PAGES helps us to have an effective employee publication. You do a fantastic job!"

B.R., CMS Energy

"Pages is by far the best newsletter service available on the internet.
The articles, pictures and cartoons are top notch and easy to use,"
L.Watson, Dakota, IL

"For a weekly employee newsletter by a one person staff, nothing is worse than when a story has to be pulled at the last minute. PAGES helps fill those gaps, especially their Safety and Health news."

Kyle Schulty, California Steel Industries, Manager, Communications and Corporate services

“I do a weekly and a monthly newsletter. I invariably use one or two articles for the management newsletter every month. I get a lot of articles from PAGES. It's very helpful to me.”

C. Alkire, Cintas


"I can't do without PAGES!"

Concha Johnson, Senior Citizens counseling


"Pages is SUCH a big help to us, the graphics, the stories
...we love it!"
Bev, JC Penney newsletter, Pennsylvania



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