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28 pages of materials every month
f you are already producing a newsletter, you know how the right story, cartoon or piece of art can really cause readership to soar. You also know how hard it is to find just the right item that suits the season and flavor of your publication.

That's where PAGES comes in. AND that's why PAGES is the top resource for thousands of  editors, Webmasters, and small business people in North America -- and all around the world.

With PAGES magazine every single month you receive 28 pages of stories, art and graphics -- and you can use any or all of them, without fear of copyright violation!

During the last 30 years, the editors at PAGES have spoken with thousands of newsletter editors to discover the type of articles and art they find most useful. Every month, subscribers receive a complete package of news articles on the hottest topics in health, safety, business, money, family, holidays AND five pages of art.


  • CD-ROM with each issue -
    deluxe!  12 CDs, plus bonus gift.
    $270 per year.

    Each CD contains all the stories and art so it's easy to take the Pages stories and art and place it right into your publication.  Each CD has all the Pages art in modifiable EPS formats and 300 dpi TIF formats.  Works great with every software program, including all word processing programs and all page makeup programs.  Easy and convenient. 
  • PagesMag.com access to all stories and art in each issue: $225 per year. 

    More of everything PagesMag.com has to offer!  You get access to all the stories and art in every issue PLUS access to archived items, including cartoons, puzzles, stories, clip art - all available online 24 hours a day.  Also featured:

    Category stories: Looking for a health story?   Find it here.  Hundreds of stories sorted by category.  Categories include health, safety and seasonal.

    Color art: All the PAGES art in black-and-white AND color.

    Lots of extras: Borders, symbols and on-line photographs
  • Free seasonal templates 

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