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Top Notch Safety Content you can use:

Tell your readers why sheltering
under a bridge is a deadly decision...

...Why simple courtesy can add up
to a major security breach.

... Why construction on one bridge
increased safety methods worldwide.


safety inserts for company newslettersSave time with our complete Health & Safety newsletter layouts, completely finished and ready for you to customize.

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All the articles in your pre-formatted Safety newsletter are completely researched and written in-house at PAGES. Along with articles, we feature a large variety of newsletter graphics: Month headers, holiday headers, borders, announcers, and clip art. You may choose any of these for your newsletter (if you don't like the ones we chose.)

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With your annual subscription to the Health and Safety Newsletters, you can add a trivia game to your pre-formatted Safety newsletter.

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The Safety newsletter (Yes, you can change the name, too!) was designed especially for PAGES. It's lighthearted graphics and colors attract the eye.

Plus the newsletter is packed with great information. As always, if you don't like any or all of the content, you can replace anything... or everything!

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