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Editing and Usage quiz

Instructions: Read each sentence and decide what needs to be changed. When you click on the answer button, one possible rewrite will appear in the blank.

1. A supervisor expects results, but often they also expect miracles

2. Each salesman was late in turning in their report.

3.The small country inn accomodates 20 families.

4. When asked to site his progress, Steve said he had the Websight completion in cite.

5. Mike told Steve that he could meet Richard at the seminar.

6. Eating in the dark, the lightning struck the campers.

7.The lottery winner is literally living on easy street.

8. He pored over the books then he pored the coffee.

9. She walked farther down the road. She looked farther into the sales drop.

*Unless the lottery winner has moved into a home on an actual street named Easy Street, one can't use the word "literally", which means 'true to the written word'. So, no one can be literally so happy they are in heaven, unless they are dead and in heaven.

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