Impact Content

In the publishing business, it's a truism that if you want someone to open a newspaper, put an animal on the front page. That's what we call impact content and it really doesn't have to be an animal. Impact content is anything that makes people feel something or say "I didn't know that!"



The classic animal on the front. We combine a holiday (Mother's Day) with sweet picture of a goose tending her kiddies. It's the kind of fun content everyone likes to look at. And, by the way, it would make a great Facebook Share!


Everyone talks about the weather

In a monthly publication, you really can't tell readers if it will rain next Tuesday. But you can provide interesting tidbits about weather-related safety and historical items.


Money and personal finance

The topic most on people's minds. Of course, our real estate mortgage newsletter provides many, many articles on money related topics: Credit scores, downpayments, buying a first house, types of mortgages, selling a home, and building wealth through real estate.


I didn't know that!

Here's a safety issue most people don't even think about. It's an article that will be useful to families and will get good readership in your newsletter.


Everyone needs a laugh

Of course we provide cartoons that bring a lighthearted touch to your newsletter.


Sudoku, Crosswords, Word Search

Your choice! These are kitchen table stickers!


$750,000 after second newsletter!

"I just thought you might like to know that as a result of the second newsletter I sent to one of my farming neighborhoods I have just gotten a verbal agreement from a seller who also wants me to help her and her husband buy their new house. We’re talking about approximately $750,000 between the two transactions. And I’ve heard from another resident in the same neighborhood about how much she enjoys reading it."

Tim McBrayer
Coldwell Banker


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