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"PAGES has shortened my work time on each project by at least 20%.
As a resource for art and articles they are unbeatable. If they don't have what I am looking for, the customer service representatives and designers are always willing to put together a custom piece for me. I can't say enough about their fast, reliable and courteous service."
Nancy Higdon, Owner, Higdon & Associates Marketing


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"PAGES is a godsend! Before subscribing I spent many
extra hours writing articles...and looking for ideas.
The time I saved convinced my company
to let me renew the subscription."

P. H., PRL, Inc.

It isn't the newsletter that
eats up your time, it's the details.

Is it the same with you? You get the big stuff done on your newsletter but it always seems like you end up needing a little something extra.

An IDEA would be good. An article there would be nice. An article with a little substance would be a great. A piece of art to go with it would be darn near too much to ask.

How long is it going to take you to find THAT little combo?

About five minutes with PAGES.

That piece of art you need, find it in PAGES fast.

That article you want, PAGES has it.

Want a cartoon or a game? No sweat.

Need some regular ideas? PAGES has them every month.

With your annual PAGES subscription, you can use all of the articles and art you want without fear of copyright violation. Use any article. Use any part of an article. Put your own byline on an article. No need to give PAGES credit. These materials are yours to use and reuse in print, Web, or in email.

USEFUL art: Not just clip art. Choose and use any of about 40 new pieces of art every month. Announcers, headers, banners, borders, more. Color for Web, grayscale and black-and-white for print.

RELEVANT articles: Every month you can pick from new articles in 12 categories, including technology, business, sports, safety, holidays, health, seasonal, home and family, personal and professional development, joke, quotes, trivia, and more. (Web subscribers can also review and use articles from 5 years of back issues.) More than 60 new articles in every issue.

POPULAR games: A new crossword, word search, trivia and variety game every single month! Use any or all.

FUN cartoons: Jerry Craft's Mama's Boyz plus four other new cartoons every month that you can use.

TIME-SAVING click-and-place articles: Mini layouts that you pop into your print publication.

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Use any article without fear of copyright violation. Articles for Web, print, or email.

Use any piece of clip-art to illustrate your articles

No need to do layout with Click-and-Place stories

Use art in color, black and white, or grayscale

Run any article as-is, edit it, or add your own by-line!

Use any article or piece of art in print, email, or on the Web.

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