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How you can easily do a newsletter layout in one click!

""I re-designed our newsletter using your issue, showed it to my associates and said, 'here is what we put out and here is what we COULD have put out using PAGES.' AND they were thrilled with it! "

B. V., Keywell LLC

free sample monthly issue - motivationEach issue of includes an assortment of pre-designed, click-and-place layouts for print.

These mini-layouts are easy to use: Simply insert them into your newsletter just as you would a piece of art.

It's a great timesaver in terms of layout, headline writing and design.

The example at left is a reduced version of a click-and-place layout. The downloadable version is a readable column with art and borders in place just as you see here. You can even expand the column so that it is a bit larger.

Use our monthly click-and-place recipe, two seasonal articles, or our pre-designed puzzles as click-and-place files. Pop them into your publication with no fuss, no muss. Easy!

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