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Conducting a readership survey, Part 1

Top 3 "don't do" points for a survey:

1. Don't ask your readers what they "like" about your stories, design, or art.

2. Don't ask your readers what they want to see in your newsletter. Really.

3. Don't ask people to think about something they know nothing about.

First, don't ask your readers if they like your materials. There are too many variables in a question such as: Do you like the art? Do you like the stories?

Why a person likes the art has to do with dozens of issues: Theme, style, color, shading, the lettering of the art, their taste in art, what they learned in high school about art, what they think newsletters should have in terms of art, and whether they liked their lunch today.

Don't you really want to know if they find your newsletter useful, something people look forward to, something they value? Or more importantly, don't you want to know if your newsletter is accomplishing its mission?

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