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In The Newsletter Mentor, Free with a subscription to PAGES:
See a real-life example of interview questions and how quick phone interviews changed a boring article and made it into a lively feature.

Plus: 7 steps you can take TODAY to do a better interview TOMORROW.

The Man-on-the-moon question

Why you don't really need
a tape recorder for an interview.

Why you should always use a direct quote AND NEVER use a direct quote.

Online: Ideas and articles
about publishing

  • What is style?
  • Conducting a readership Survey
  • How to write a narrative lead

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A basic type lesson about kerning

Examples of kerning, or adjusting the space between letters:

Squint to see how far the "a" is from T.

Better kerning is when the "a" tucks under the "T". See how adjusting the tracking on your page makeup program will solve many kerning problems in newsletters. For more sophisticated design projects, graphic designers sometimes kern each letter pair.


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