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If you've spent any time developing a company newsletter you know constantly writing custom content is tough. It takes a lot of research, many hours slaving away at your keyboard, and a meticulous eye for (proofreading) detail.

But we've made this process simple... With a subscription we'll supply you with a steady stream of professionally written newsletter articles, newsletter filler, feature articles that are all ready to go and easy to copy-and-paste right into your newsletter - we'll even include images and illustrations you can use as well.

Topics you need: Doing great work, integrity, attendance, teamwork, seniority, safety, health retirement, savings and investing.

You'll also get all the extras that make a newsletter fun to do and attractive to look at. You'll find banners, borders, cakes, monthly headers, cartoons, puzzles, trivia, borders and boxes.

Click here to get some free samples online now. You will have free online access to some articles, plus illustrations and photos, cartoons and puzzles you can use in your newsletter.

"For a weekly employee newsletter by a one person staff, nothing is worse than when a story has to be pulled at the last minute. PAGES helps fill those gaps, especially their Safety and Health news."

Kyle Schulty, California Steel Industries, Manager, Communications and Corporate services

" I love having access to all these articles and artwork and the games too! So excited to not have to dig and search the internet for articles that are suitable as well as available for re-publication. This has made my life much easier."
Regina Kloosterman

"Pages is by far the best newsletter service available on the internet.
The articles, pictures and cartoons are top notch and easy to use,"
L.Watson, Dakota, IL




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