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No more cold calls

I just have to tell you how magical our newsletter is for us and how well received. I don’t do cold calls anymore. My newsletter is my introduction. When I go out on sales calls, I just say my name and it is recognized. I always know I will be welcome.

This is the way I do my newsletter: My article is industry-related and takes up about 3/4 of the page. The rest I just use your short articles, whatever interests me: Health, money, and always jokes. I always use something that will be entertaining. So the companies and people we target for marketing know us and they even tell me they send our newsletter to family.

Lee Gaylord

Letterpress USA

Subscribed for 20 years

We’ve subscribed for 20 years. Other companies say we have the best in-house publication they’ve ever seen. We take a lot of bows on that, but PAGES helps us to have an effective employee publication. You do a fantastic job!


CMS Energy

Treasured time-saver

I am so thrilled that I found the Pages website, Good News – Senior Edition– Newsletter, in 2010. I stumbled upon it when looking for a newsletter template to create my own newsletter for the senior center and what a wonderful help it has been.

I no longer spend hours searching for good senior friendly articles online only to find out that copyrights apply. Pages has given me the option to add, change and personalize the newsletter, as needed. This makes it so easy for me to publish interesting, fun-filled issues each month. Pages is a treasured timesaver and I think it would be for others, too.

Peggy Dimmick

Senior Center newsletter creator

Easy to personalize

Housecalls has been a great resource for keeping in touch with clients and the personalization couldn’t be easier!

Andrea Greenwalt

Janko Realty & Development LLC fills gaps!

For a weekly employee newsletter by a one person staff, nothing is worse than when a story has to be pulled at the last minute. PAGES helps fill those gaps, especially their Safety and Health news.

Kyle Schulty

Manager, Communications and Corporate Services, California Steel Industries

Pleased with content for seniors

I just wanted to let you know that we here at Safari are VERY happy with  I’m getting a LOT of positive feedback from the residents … I love the wide choice of content and the articles are not at all condescending at all to elders.

Christy Brown

Safari Mobile Lodge

I can’t do without PAGES!

Concha Johnson

Senior Citizens Counseling

Amazing newsletter

I want to resubscribe.  The newsletter that I put together using your content is amazing and people love it.

Sukuma Avery

Magical Entertainment

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